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Research Paper
Critique and Analysis of Moniru Ravanipour’s Ecological Story “Ahle Ghargh” with a Look at the Discourse of Power

Asad Abshirini; Mohammad Reza Salehi Mazandarani; Manouchehr Jokar; Fatemeh Hayatdavoodi

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 7-33


  Ecological critique is the study of the relationship between literature and the natural world, the origins of which are the emergence of new ideas in anthropology and environmental issues that humanist discourses play an important role in their emergence. In the story of Moniru Ravanipour’s Ahle ...  Read More

Research Paper Review of literary texts
Conceptual Metaphors of Anger in Khaghani’s Divan

Esmat Derikvand; Zolfaghar Allami; Mahboobeh Mobasheri

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 35-64


  Metaphor is one of the most important tools for transferring language from its real usage. On the other hand, today metaphor in the west is no longer specific to poetry and literature and tool for adoring the word; rather, metaphors have entered the realm of thought and cognitions and have been used ...  Read More

Research Paper Review of literary texts
Mythical Critique of the Hero's Journey in "Sam Nameh" Poem According to Campbell's Theory

Zahra Asghari; Reza Sattari

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 65-90


  By introducing the theory of individuality, Jung has opened a new chapter in literary criticism and provided a forum for the activities of many contemporary theorists, including Joseph Campbell. Campbell, enumerate one of the common themes in myths that have a similar structure to each other and follow ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Review of Two Ambiguities in the Novel "The Adventures of Hajji Baba Isfahani"

Leila Hashemian; Mohsen Ghaemi

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 91-120


  The translation of the novel "The Adventures of Hajji Baba Isfahani" is a turning point in the history of Persian prose literature and the history of translation into Persian; much research has been done on this novel. Ambiguities about this novel and its Persian translation have been raised and investigated, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Parody in the Tradition of Farzand-Nameh-Newisi with Emphasis on Sheikh Al-Maqamerin’s Nasihat-Nameh

Saba Jalili Jashnabadi; Sayed Mahdi Rahimi

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 121-143


  Farzand-nameh is one of the most important and ancient genres of didactic literature that parents have written with the aim of teaching science and religious and moral education to their children. Advice is the most important part of this Literary genre. Because the audience of this literary genre is ...  Read More

Research Paper
Review of Reflections of Magical Realism in the Tales of Tabrizi Ancient Gatherings "Atīqī Tabrīzī Majālis"

Ameneh Varmaghani; Hassan Soltani Kohbanani; Rahman Zabihi

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 145-170


  Although it is the birthplace of Latin American magical realism and the writers of this region have contributed to its globalization with their works of fiction, some thinkers in the field of literature believe that this method is not unique to this region of the world and its roots can be traced back ...  Read More

Research Paper
Investigating and Analyzing the Linguistic Structure and Classification of Khaghani's Short Poems

Mohammad Hossein Ismaeili; Ibrahim Ranjbar; Mohammad Khakpour

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 171-196


  Poetic forms play an essential role in the division of Persian poetry. Most of the definitions of these forms refer to its form, and since in the sixth century some themes are expanding, and the form of lyric poetry has also become popular. In the works of poets such as Sanai and Khaghani, who are both ...  Read More

Research Paper
Examining the Epic Language and Tone in Farrokhi Sistani's Poems

Ali Darvishi; Reza Sadeghi Shahpar; Shahrooz Jamali

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 197-231


  The tone is the speaker's attitude and feeling The most important factor is to create an atmosphere and influence the audience in the poem. Knowing the language and its tone plays an important role in understanding any text. The language and tone of the epic are the results of the choice of words, combinations, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Ecocriticism of Moniro Ravanipour's Ahl-e-Ghargh

Fatemeh Shahbazi; Mansoureh Tadaioni; Sima Mansouri; Masoud Pakdel

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 233-260


  One of the main axioms of eccentric criticism is the examination of the interrelationship between humans and the environment. This type of criticism seeks to understand how human attitudes to nature and how environmental issues are reflected in literary works and to analyze the impact that human beings ...  Read More

Research Paper
An Investigation into the Elements of Lyrics in the Poem of Homay and Homayoun by Khaju Kermani

Parvaneh Fereydooni; Morteza Razaghpoor

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 261-292


  Lyric includes a wide range of subjects and poetic formats. Specifically, it is a type of poem in which the element of emotion is dominant and naturally it has some components that have made it different from other types. In the present study, the author investigated the indicators of lyrics in the story ...  Read More

Research Paper
Literary-Text Research from the Perspective of Literary-Translation Research: Criticizing Overtly Erroneous Errors in Literary Translations Based on Text Linguistic Models

Mahmoud Afrouz

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 293-322


  Translation research and criticism can be considered a branch of text research. The present study deals with the overtly erroneous errors detected in the two English translations of a Persian novel. Based on the findings, the challenging lexical items for the two translators did not belong to the same ...  Read More

Research Paper
Artistic and Educational Functions of Allegory

Sardar Bafekr

Volume 26, Issue 94 , December 2022, Pages 323-352


  One of the important tools that the author of educational literature uses to explain and interpret moral and mystical ideas and to convey his content to the audience is allegory. In the allegory of the writer and poet, he first expresses general and abstract concepts, which are often rational and news-type, ...  Read More