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Research Paper
Components of Modernism in Mirzadeh Eshghi's Poetry based on the Strategy of Grounded Theory

Yahya Hosseinaei; Bahman Nozhat

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 7-33


  Mirzadeh Eshghi is one of the poets of the Constitutional period whose views and opinions are very important in the political and social developments of the Constitutional period. With the aim of identifying the concepts and components of love modernism, the present study intends to answer this main ...  Read More

Research Paper
Comparative Study between Baha’ al-Din Naqshband Bukhari’s Two Books of Anis at-Talibin and Maqamat

Hajar Jamali; Maryam Hosseini

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 35-64


  These two books Anisatolibin and Maqamat-e-Naqshband are among the oldest and most important sources about Baha' al-Din Naqshband (718 -791) and his principles. More resources about Baha' al-Din Naqshband are often taken from Anis at Talibin book and many of the Maqamat’s topics are shared by Anis ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Critical Analysis of Verb Position in Power Discourse in Panegyric Poem

Mina Kazemi; Mohsen Mohammadi Fesharaki; Mahmoud Barati Khansari

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 65-95


  Panegyric poem is a kind of poem that is written to praise a person and the poet with transcendental characteristics. Such a poem is one of the old Persian poems. Studies about it focused on content studies and not language studies. So, in this research, by a focus on the syntax layer, as a language ...  Read More

Research Paper
Layered Semiotic Readings in the Semantic Process in Fereshteh Sari's "Abolhol" Modern Story

Maryam Ghanbarian Shiadeh; Mohsen Zolfaghari; Hassan Heidari

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 97-122


  Verbal discourse of the modern prose is formed by interconnected structure from a conscious mind in a way that the play of the signs in the text along with the personal mentality and memory of the character can become so fluid and elusive that ambiguity becomes a particular component of modern narrative. ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Comparative Study of “Shohare Ahoo Khanoom” and “Sister Carrie” Novels based on the Literary Creativity

Elaheh Setoodehpour; Mohammadreza Najjarian; Yadollah Jalali Pandari Jalali Pandari

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 123-147


  'Creativity' in comparative literature is the difference between imitating and being influenced, and the creative author is said to be inspired by the others’ work, and nurture what they borrowed from another in the social and cultural construction of their society in a new way. The similarity ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Role of the Hero in Creating Epic Content in Ferdowsi's "Rustam and Esfandiar" Story

Azam Hosseinzadeh Salati; Sayyed Mahdi Nourian; Sayyed Morteza Hashemi

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 149-178


  The actions and thoughts of the hero of the epic represent the aspirations and characteristics of a nation. For this reason, recognizing the characteristics of the epic hero is especially important in realizing his role in creating epic content, because the epic poet tries to emphasize the effective ...  Read More

Research Paper
Code Analysis of the Short Story “Merry Go Round” by Sepideh Shamloo

NasrinNasrin Borhani; Farhad Tahmasebi

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 179-207


  Story code analysis means to have a focus on signs which contribute to revealing the secondary meanings with a structured methodology. The main problem is to understand how signs with synergic cooperation in the context of short stories avoid text from unilaterality and lead to a plurality of meaning ...  Read More

Research Paper Review of literary texts
The Comparative Study of the Linguistic Representation of Shafiei Kadkani and Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati to Hallaj's Tragedy from the Perspective of Ideational Metafunction

Abdolmajid Jamali; Mohammadreza Mirzania

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 209-232


  Halliday's systemic functional theory is a social look at a language which is interwoven with three metafunctional processes. Studying literary texts from linguistic aspects, such as ideational function is one of the new research approaches which improve a better and deeper understanding of hidden layers ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Study of the Areas of Origin and Destination of the Metaphors of Surrealist novels from a Cognitive Linguistic Perspective Based on Koveces's Theories

Zahra Eslampanah; Leila Erfanian; Mahmoud Ramezanzadeh

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 233-284


  The purpose of this study is to examine the metaphors of surrealist-style novels from the perspective of cognitive linguistics. In which of the following are the most common areas of origin and destination of surreal metaphors? And what are the metaphors of surreal works in terms of objectivity and origin? ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mitosi's Critique of the Story of Rostam and Sohrab According to Northrop Frye's Theories

Mehdi Kazempour; Zahra Ahmadi

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 285-305


  One of the important approaches in the mythological studies of literary texts is Northrop Frye's Theories. The present study investigates the story of Rostam and Sohrab in Shahnameh by using Frye's proposed model and by a descriptive-analytical method. The method of information gathering is the libraries ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Interpretation of the World of Symbols and Metaphors in Suhrawardi’s Resālat al-Abrāj Based on Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics

Zahra Bahremand; Ali Taslimi

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 307-331


  Resālat al-Abrāj is one of Suhrawardi’s symbolic stories in Arabic, full of symbols and metaphors asking for a return to the original homeland. Nevertheless, which roles do these symbols and metaphors play in understanding the text, and how should they be interpreted? Paul Ricoeur, one of the ...  Read More

Research Paper
Theory in Practice: Semiotics of Symbols of Poetry for Children in the Eighties Based on the Semantic Triangles of Agden and Richards

Khavar Ghorbani; Nishtaman Allahveisi

Volume 26, Issue 93 , September 2022, Pages 333-362


  The use of "allegory" and "symbols" to better understand the concepts, particularly abstract and rational concepts, is one of the ways in which children's literature is very important and it can be examined from multiple views one of which is semiotic structure or meaning of the symbols that can open ...  Read More