Cloze test and c test

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Cloze test and c test

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  • a rostamzadeh
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The present study was an attempt to investigate varieties of cloze test and C-test as measures of reading comprehension ability. It aimed at comparing the performances of subjects on different cloze and C-test Forms constructed from the same passage. To this end, five versions of cloze test and two versions of C-test were developed by applying different deletion techniques and deletion rates, and were labeled Form A. (Standard Cloze), Form B. (First - Half C-test), Form C. (Rational cloze), Form D. (Noun - phrase cloze), Form E. (Sentence cloze), Form F. (Independent - Dependent clause cloze), and Form G. (standard C-test). The test Forms were randomly administered to 247 EFL students along with Michigan ECPE (Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English) test. Nearly 35 students took each test Form. To find out which test from( s) showed a better picture of testees' reading comprehension ability, the correlation coefficients between each test Form and ECPE reading section and variance overlap were calculated. It revealed that Form C. had the highest correlation and variance overlap with ECPE reading section (.62) and enjoyed, with the exception of Form F. the highest reliability (.96). To compare the performances of subjects on test Forms and to determine their reliability and validity, two one-way ANOYAs were run and KR-21 and Pearson product moment formulas were applied. The observed F-ratio came out to be 73.15, which was considerably higher than the critical F-ratio at D.F. (6.24), i.e .. 2.14. This meant that the subjects performed differently on these Test Forms. The reliability and validity of Test Forms showed that their psychometric characteristics were also different.

کلیدواژه‌ها [English]

  • redundancy in language
  • test of reduced redundancy
  • standard cloze
  • noun - phrase cloze
  • sentence cloze
  • independent - dependant clause cloze
  • standard C-test
  • first - half C-test
  • reading comprehension